CHEVY TAHOE / 2008 -2013 $2,530.00

CHEVY TAHOE / 2008 -2013 $2,530.00

Most people don’t know how to fix their family’s hybrid car when it stops running well. At Georgia Hybrid Batteries, we help you diagnose and replace your hybrid’s batteries so you can have confidence that your family is safe in your hybrid car.




2008-2013 Toyota Prius hybrid battery with 3 years warranty. Fits 2008 to 2013. Don’t spend more than 50% of your car’s value by going with the competition. The average life of our battery is 7-10 years. Excellent service and a reliable product is what we do at Georgia Hybrid Batteries.

Included Items With Purchase
Battery Core Charge $200.00
Professional Diagnostics Testing (Free With Purchase of Battery) $50.00
Battery Installation $80.00


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